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08 May 2012 @ 04:32 pm
Very first HaeWook~  
Title: Eleventh-Hour Realization
Pairing(s)/Characters: HaeWook
Rating: PG-13
Genre: general
Disclaimer: Owns the fic, nothing else.
Summary: Because Ryeowook was bored so Donghae invented a game.

Saturday night, 11:09 PM, bored.

Ryeowook collapsed on the couch right after schedules. He wasn’t the least bit tired. He was bored though. Really bored. He sat up, hugged a pillow and sighed loudly to himself.

“Was someone sighing?”

The eternal maknae looked up. It was his Donghae hyung. He was carrying a box of color pens and a sketchpad. Ah. Must’ve been drawing again, Ryeowook thought.

“I didn’t hear you come in, hyung.”

Donghae took his seat on the coffee table in front of Ryeowook then reached over to poke the eternal maknae’s forehead with his index finger.

“Because you were sighing too loudly that’s why you didn’t hear me come in!” Donghae joked and saw his dongsaeng blush. He loved teasing Ryeowook oh so much.


Donghae laughed. “Oh c’mon. Bored?”

Ryeowook sunk into his seat, nodding. “Very.”

“Oh,” the older boy stroked his chin. “Play a game with me then.”

Saturday night, 11:15 PM, confused.

Donghae clasped his hands together, grinning. He had given Ryeowook a green-colored pen and his sketchpad for this game he thought of all by himself. It was bound to be fun.

“You get it, right? I ask a question and you just right down whoever’s name there and scribble it out right after. Okay?”

Ryeowook hesitantly nodded. What a strange game, he thought. He pulled up his legs and rested the sketchpad against them so his hyung wouldn’t see what he’d be writing.

“Good. First question!” Donghae announced, eyes shining and smile, sweet. “Who are you most thankful to today?”

Ryeowook tilted his head, wondering. He began writing that person’s name immediately.

Lee Donghae

Then Ryeowook scribbled it out, like how Donghae instructed. The older boy massaged his temples. He was thinking of another question.

“Who do you want to hug right now?”

Ryeowook stared at his hyung. Donghae had his legs crossed into an Indian sit, eyes closed and deep in thought.

Lee Donghae

Then the process repeated.

“Who’s the most charismatic person you know?”

Donghae was smiling, eyes blinking in that very cute way of his. Ryeowook began to write the name.

Lee Donghae

Ryeowook scratched it out again, burying the name with green ink. Donghae began chuckling.

“Who would you share your last piece of chocolate with?” Donghae asked, unable to control his chuckling. “I’m sorry. I’m just so hungry~”

Ryeowook laughed along then wrote his answer without thinking twice.

Lee Donghae (because he just said he was hungry ~^^)

He scribbled out every word and waited patiently for the next question. Donghae stretched his arms up while humming a random tune. He looked a little sleepy just then.

“Last question since I can’t think of anything anymore,” he said with a laugh.

“Or because you’re sleepy…” Ryeowook mumbled to himself but Donghae still heard. The older boy nodded thoughtfully.

“Yes. That too.”

Ryeowook let out a nervous chuckle. He didn’t mean to let Donghae hear but it was done so he shook it off.

“The person you like right now.”

The younger boy raised an eyebrow. “Like? Romantically or something else?”

Donghae tapped a finger on his cheek. It was a habit that he had when he didn’t know what to say. He shrugged.


Ryeowook found himself staring at his hyung again. There were a few things he didn’t notice before though. Like how Donghae’s hair was messy or how perfect that white sweatshirt fit his body and Ryeowook never realized all this until the last minute.

Lee Donghae

He buried the name with scribbles for the last time. Donghae smiled, stood up and tousled his dongsaeng’s hair.

“Okay. That’s that.”

“What? Ah,” Ryeowook paused to put the green pen back to its box. “Don’t you want to see my answers?”

Donghae looked back at Ryeowook, the younger boy holding tightly to the sketchpad. He let out that adorable laugh of his.

“Unless you want me to.”

Ryeowook felt his cheeks getting warm. He was blushing and the feeling of embarrassment rushed to him like BAM! He wasn’t sure why that was though.

“Besides, you scribbled the names out, right?” Donghae said with a sense of wonder. Ryeowook’s chest suddenly tightened with an uncertain feeling.

“Never mind then.”

The two boys walked to the door. Donghae already told Ryeowook to keep the sketchpad and the color pens until his next visit.

“Let’s play again next time,” Donghae said with the little energy he had left. He was still able to smile. A drowsy yet charming smile, it was. Ryeowook smiled in gratitude before his hyung made his way back to his own dorm.

Sunday morning, 12:10 AM, dumbfounded.

Ryeowook gazed at the sketchpad, on the particular page where he wrote his Donghae hyung’s name for five times and all of which he scribbled out. He wrote it again using a blue-colored pen this time and with careful, perfect strokes of each character.

Lee Donghae

The name he wrote for the sixth time etched itself in Ryeowook’s mind. There was only one thought that rushed through the eternal maknae’s mind then…

“What a strange game.”

A/N: Just wrote this today. Couldn't help but post BECAUSE! It's my very first HaeWook<3 Comments are very much appreciated. Be it good or bad, anything's welcome~^^

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QianC: heechulgrumpybiscuit on May 8th, 2012 11:42 pm (UTC)
Its a confusing game yet addicting. It makes you think like Donghae. Haha ^^
to_lovekyu: pic#117343700to_lovekyu on May 31st, 2012 08:57 am (UTC)

and you know those parts? the day, time and emotion? they really helped and they gave the plot that insider-thing to Ryeowook's head. is it weird that I think this?

this was awesome!
Mackenzie: pic#117343246kyuhyunownsme on June 5th, 2012 03:51 am (UTC)
such a nice game! i think i'm going to play it with my friends. OTL
very lovely HaeWook you have!